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Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres is a cross-disciplinary art project inspired by the possibilities of the new bioinformatics technology developed by Dr. Nick Goldman. Visual artist Charlotte Jarvis commissioned music from the Kreutzer Quartet, the recording of which has been encoded into DNA. The DNA was then suspended in soap solution and will be used by Charlotte to create performances and installations filled with bubbles. During performances, the ‘recording’ fills the air, pops on visitors’ skin and literally bathes the audience in music.

In these performances the Kreutzer Quartet play the composition, falling silent during the second movement. The omitted music is released into the auditorium in the form of bubbles. The performances are accompanied by a film projection and a discussion about the project.

For more on the project and its genesis, visit Charlotte Jarvis' dedicated webpage.

The Kickstarter Campaign

In May 2015 A&E and Charlotte Jarvis launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to obtain funding for 'Music of the Spheres' and secure the further development of the project. 

Thanks to the money we received from our many enthusiastic backers, we were able to organise an ambitious new installation complete with a live performance by the Kreutzer Quartet, hosted by CGP London in Southwark Park and held in Dilston Grove - a Grade II Listed building providing a cavernous raw space for large-scale installations and performance.

A second installation is planned at The Lookout – a gallery situated directly on the beach in Aldeburgh with a small tower perfect for pumping bubbles out of to drift along the shoreline. More on that as dates are confirmed...

Here is the list of all those who supported the campaign on Kickstarter and who have made these exhibitions possible: