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The Riverside by Jiayu Liu

Jiayu Liu - The Riverside

Artwork, Mapping, Projection

Created for Artist Jiayu Liu - The Riverside is a projection mapped sculpture, created from a 3D scan of a section of Riverbed in Beijing.

We developed a real-time visualisation based on simulated water flow over the scanned riverbed geometry, and incorporating the time of day at the location of the riverbed to provide reflections and sun/moon position.

First shown in London in 2017, the pieces has since been shown in Chengdu China in summer 2018 and has planned further shows worldwide.

Developed in vvvv, Houdini and using Elliot Wood’s RULR toolkit.


Artist: Jiayu Liu
Production and Development: Artists & Engineers

Technical Direction: Louis Mustill
Visual Programming: William Young
Houdini: Lewis Saunders
Sculpture Fabrication: Studio MakeCreate

The Riverside by Jiayu Liu